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We are offering industrial equipment from Czech Republic,Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria which is for:

   This equipment is useful for individual uses and for big companies. We have new and used woodworking tools from local companies and from our partners outside the country. If you have equipment that you want to sell, that needs maintenance, repair jobs or spare parts – you are welcome to contact us. Our companies employee will offer you a time to see this equipment, take a photos of it, in case of needs to be repaired will make a repair jobs, or even add this equipment to our database to find purchaser. Our contacts are here. In our services are included tinsmith and turner jobs: tin pipe and divider construction, transition rings making in case of saw blade inner diameter of non-compliance,   motor rewinding  feed conveyor  tank and barrel making, machinery manufacturing, restoration, maintenance, repairs, supply of spare parts for machine tools, bag manufacturing from reinforced film and filtering fabric chip and dust collection equipment for air filtration. We can make it for any size of aspiration equipment and recirculation filters. To make filters must be known only girth or diameter and height.

Thank you for your confidence.

Additional information on the second-hand equipments : www.usedworkmachines.com


Jānis Bergšpics

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